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Thank you for visiting my site! We recently added to our family and I am currently on sabbatical. I am planning on returning to organizing and will send out an announcement when I do. In the meantime, I won't be returning emails or phone calls so if you need organizing help, please visit to find a local certified organizer to help you. Thank you!

"When we decided it was time to remodel our home office we called Leah because we knew she had an eye for organization and layout. What we didn’t anticipate was that Leah is well aware that people work and organize themselves differently. Leah spent time with us and asked very pointed questions about how we do business, how we organize ourselves, and what made us feel comfortable. She then proceeded to help us make decisions about how the office should be situated, what items to buy, and then she came back and helped us put it all together. The end result is a beautiful and very functional home office that has increased our productivity. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you Leah!"


- Dale and Shirley G.


"Leah is very professional, creative and she knows her products. She listens well and works quickly. She made organizing my home painless and actually fun!"




"Whenever people come to our home and I give a tour, I am sure to show them our fabulous closets. I am thankful everyday (actually, I am thankful every time I open a closet) that my life is organized. I now know where everything is and have more storage than I ever thought possible. I never thought I would say it, but my closets are beautiful."




"I highly recommend Leah Slayen of Clean Slate Organizing! She had some great ideas that when implemented made everything so easy to find. Not only did she shop for all the hangers, containers, and “tools” to arrange everything, she also helped with the weeding out process and took the discards to the charities of my choice. I am so pleased with the end result … I plan on using her services again soon for my garage."




"I worked with Leah in the hopes of de-cluttering my mind and messy closet. The experience was totally empowering. My closet looks like a mini Container Store! It is so easy to navigate and make me smile every day."


-Chloe S.